Why SEC?


  • Personal attention, quick return calls, and follow through
  • Experience – 25 years hands-on builders – they are on site working for you
  • Custom construction – big or small – new or remodel
  • SEC functions based on their values:  integrity, honesty, reliability
  • Customer service – you will get a prompt call back, you will hear directly from Jim or Paul, you will have direct access to their expertise
  • Full Service – they will take care of all your jobs – small to large – that is part of caring for their customers
  • Excellent client relations – client retention is very high at Southern Exposure Construction – SEC is known for its excellent client communications
  • Southern Exposure Construction are builders committed to quality – references furnished with every bid, and they are fully licensed and insured for residential and commercial work
  • Fair pricing and very reasonable rates
  • Design assistance – their many years of experience lends itself to excellent insights in fine tuning your custom design – they will listen to you and what you want out of your custom construction project and help you get your wishes down on paper (before constructions begins!) saving you time and money