“Jim Waldman has worked at our house off and on for the last three years. He installed cedar shingles and trim with great precision and attention to detail. He worked with me on several challenging design questions thoughtfully and patiently. Recently, Jim filled in complicated framing and finished three interior hip dormers. We have a timber-frame house with many compound angles and different types of framing coming together in unusual ways, and I can imagine many other carpenters either walking away in frustration or just settling for less than an adequate job. But Jim, always skillful and steady, finished our projects to perfection. He’s also a great guy to have around; He’s got a good attitude and a quiet, reserved sense of humor.” Sarah Robotham, Great Barrington

“Aside from beautifully renovating the original 1831 house, SEC masterfully integrated the new construction with the old. Paul and Jim were a pleasure to work with and at no time did I feel that I was not fully appraised as to what my costs were. The house came in for exactly the amount I was told it would be. And that’s a feat! I can’t praise them enough.” Nicky Wilson, Great Barrington, MA

“The bay window Jim Waldman put in our dining room has transformed our home; we’ve gone from liking our living space to LOVING it! Jim is a meticulous craftsman. We greatly appreciated that he was patient in understanding our needs, and that he is articulate in expressing his ideas. We also appreciate that he carefully supervised the painter he brought in to do finishing work and wanted us to be completely satisfied with the total job. We will not hesitate to use Jim’s services again and can enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who needs home improvements.” Sincerely, Ani and Bill Grosser, Lenox, MA

“Working with Jim Waldman is wonderful. He is dependable, thorough, detail-oriented and competent in a quiet, reassuring way.” Peter Barrett, Great Barrington

“We are very fortunate to live in this quiet, beautiful home in West Stockbridge, built by Jim Waldman.  Jim worked carefully with us to integrate our home with the forested land that surrounds it.  He is precise, careful, and has an extraordinary eye for detail, and that made for both a fine finished product, and a reasonable price for a very well built home.  Some friends have said, “Don’t plan to be friends with your builder, there are just too many conflicts for that.”  Jim builds more than houses – the high quality of our home is the result of the positive relationship that Jim builds with his clients. ” John – West Stockbridge, Mass.

Photo: Daniel Karp

Photo: Daniel Karp