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 Jim Waldman and Paul Greene

Jim Waldman and Paul Greene
Photo: Daniel Karp

Southern Exposure Construction is owned by Paul Greene and Jim Waldman who live with their families in Great Barrington and Sheffield, respectively.

“I remember the day fondly when we met in 1983” says Paul Greene of Jim Waldman. “We were both attending college in Boston and had jobs at the White Hen Pantry, a large convenience store in Cambridge”. We had a lot of fun and forged a partnership that would last all our adult lives.

It was while living in Boston and going to school that they began doing carpentry. Jim recalls them riding the bus around the city carrying tools in a five gallon bucket.

Jim and Paul came to the Berkshires to build their first houses. Paul had attended summer camp in the Berkshires and was very familiar with the different Berkshire County towns.

The rest is history. Since 1985 Southern Exposure Construction has built over 45 custom houses in the Berkshires and Columbia County. These projects range from the simple to the elaborate, including several for architect Jeremiah Eck (which have been photographed for books about his work). These jobs in particular were challenging to build which made them some of their most prized projects. “We like a challenge. We’re hands on – we want to make it work – if it doesn’t function well the client won’t be happy” says Jim Waldman, co-owner of SEC.

When you hire Southern Exposure Construction to build your project you get their 25 years of experience. They have seen it all. A local excavator has remarked, when describing working with Jim Waldman and Paul Greene of Southern Exposure Construction, “they are the only contractors I know where the clients are always smiling at the end of the job. They really set themselves apart from the other contractors I have worked with in the quality of their client relationships.”

Happy, repeat customers are why Southern Exposure Construction is the best choice in the Berkshires for your custom construction job.